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Newborn Baby Care

Trust your instincts, and newborn care for your baby the best way will allow you to look at this proposal.

The first day coming home from the hospital.

It’s normal to feel uneasiness when you take home your baby’s first day. So far you may not know anything about babysitting. Trust your instincts and be comfortable.

You can do it!img15

Now you are at home and your baby needs your care. The new mother may pass the first day the House for difficult. Never before, you may have to change the diapers. Maybe you weren’t held when a baby ever so small. Don’t get excited! Taking a little guidance and also by moving your baby with your instincts you’ll be able to easily maintain. In this process, you will be surprised, even yourself. Within a short period of time without your baby will not be able to make any plans.

Soft and skin care

Newborn babies ‘ skin is very sensitive, so they need an attentive care. The most important point is to keep the skin clean and dry. change your baby’s diaper when you see necessary. Wettability of thoroughly absorbing and moisture from damaging your baby’s skin that prevents the use of high-quality diapers. The first few weeks of your baby’s butt just clean with cotton and warm water. If you need to use et wipes; you must prefer “wet wipes for sensitive skin” and “odorless” ones. How to care your baby’s umbilical cord that your doctor or nurse will show you. In the early days you don’t have to wash your baby every day. You should be enough to wet with warm water in every 3-4 days. In addition, the baby’s face, hands and feet, you can clear with the damp cotton. Let’s share a quick note here; After your baby’s first diaper (with a very soon after birth produced sticky POO) you’re going to have to wash her/him.

Important to remember that the rules

Your instincts will tell you the right way about baby care. However, you need to implement from the beginning of the work, there are some basic rules:

  • Take care of your baby’s head, because of your baby’s neck muscles are weak.
  • Feed your baby often. Little queasy at this stage does not take a lot of food, so you need to breastfeed her/him whenever she/he wants.
  • Do not hold your baby is too hot or too cold.

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