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Premature babies different from normal babies. After 35 weeks gestational age develop premature body’s. So they need less support given from the humans. İmmature subcutaneous fat layers may occur hypothermia. Therefore, they get cold more quickly than term infants. When you buy Clothes to your preemies must be the appropriate size. Suitability Clothing is important for maintaining body temperature.  Clothing should wrap the body in every place. This can not be achieved it will use more energy to heat premature himself, this slowing down of the growth rate will cause various problems. If you do not find the appropriate size cotton clothes, you can wrap cotton or gauze the baby’s hands and feet. Double clothes can also be the solution for your baby.

Room temperature should be kept constant . (24 °C – 25 °C) The very cold and very hot temperature changes should be noted that endanger the baby ‘s health. If possible, the thermometer should be kept in the room. Digital ear thermometer to measure the baby’s temperature controlling will be the most appropriate choice.

Premature babies different from normal babies

                  Premature babies different from normal babies

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