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Premature Baby Care At Home

Premature babies in a neonatal intensive care unit discharge time is an important issue.

To be discharged early from the hospital; the baby’s general condition and can lead to the need to hospitalize her again. In this case, an additional source of stress in the family as well as the baby.IMG_5156

Premature babies and their parents, the baby is discharged from hospital after coming home there is three different periods.

–  The first; 6 weeks period at home. During this period, parents and children enjoy being a parent because preemie is at home.

–  Second term is the period of unhappiness. It can take up to six months. During this period; their babies are smaller than they thought, they realize. This thinking they’d be worried if they could deal with the problem.

–  Recently referred to as period of acceptance. During this period; parents learn to accept their babies. Having a preemie baby has been a natural part of their lives. The baby’s growth and infant development is normal or if there is a very slight growth retardation, stress decreases in the family. The return to normal life is much faster.

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