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Premature Birth & Causes

Normal pregnancy process is completed (40 weeks) , it is called premature birth that occur before 37 weeks of birth. The babies born before this week are called preterm infants.

Premature babies are divided into 3 groups according to the gestational age; severe (24-31 weeks), moderate (32-35 weeks), at the border (36-37 weeks)

Also divided into 3 according to birth weight; Low birth weight (<2500 gr), Very low birth weight (<1500 gr), Extremely low birth weight (<1000 gr)

The causes of premature birth Problems in the blood circulation, some problems in the mother , fetus abnormalities of the uterus or the fetus is located within its own diseases may cause premature birth;

1. Maternal age


3. Chronic disease

4. Low income

5. Frequent childbirth

6. infection

7. Smoking or drug use


A 29 Weeks Preemie

1. Maternal Age

Ideally gestational age is between 20-30 years of agePostpartum period of pregnancy , maternal age may be affectedAfter 35 years and 17 years before pregnancy may be riskyPregnancy at an early age ; maternal hypertension and eclampsia , pregnancy late in life ; chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome seen in infants



Fed through the bloodstream of the fetus is affected by maternal hypertension.Hypertension may occur during pregnancy as it may advanceEndangers the mother’s life and the mother of hypertension , as well as low infant birth weight or premature birth may create risk


3. Chronic disease

Heart , kidney, lung , chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease in the mother , premature infants can lead to increased risk of birth .


4. Low Income

Poverty, underage pregnancies , poor nutrition and inadequate maintenance of pregnancy may increase the risk of having caused the baby as premature


5. Frequent Childbirth

After childbirth can be as physical and psychological recovery and a subsequent healthy pregnancy to occur , it must have at least two years between pregnancies.


6. Infection

Some substances which are secreted by the body and the body’s defense mechanisms in infection , may cause uterine contractions in premature birth .16% of visible infection in the amniotic fluid of preterm labor .Your stage of pregnancy , urinary tract infection as a matter of urgency detecting any infection , premature birth can reduce the risk of starting the antibiotics.


7. Smoking or Drug Use

Smoking during pregnancy, the fetus and placenta increases and the reduction of oxygen on the one hand carboxyhemoglobin may lead to an increased risk of premature births on the one hand it contains nicotine .

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